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Virtual Friday – 9

15th of May: Another Zoom session and a very enjoyable one too. It's quite interesting to read various comments on social media about the difficulties or otherwise of running meetings remotely. Our experience so far has been relatively painless. We get the occasional connectivity issue - for instance, one of our members wasn't able to … Continue reading Virtual Friday – 9

Virtual Friday – 8

It's the 8th of May and 75 years since VE (Victory in Europe) Day. There were to be many public gatherings and events which due to Coronavirus have had to be cancelled. Nevertheless, people are remembering the anniversary in inventive ways ranging from community lunches where neighbours gather together but separately to have lunch - … Continue reading Virtual Friday – 8

If you go down to the woods today…….

you'd better make sure that you keep the required distance and whatever you do, don't take a picnic or you might get arrested! My sister sat down briefly on a bench in Richmond the other day and was asked to move by a policeman. He than sat down himself! (Only joking - about him sitting … Continue reading If you go down to the woods today…….