Virtual Friday 49

So, Boris announced his roadmap on Monday and here it is:

Image from somewhere on WhatsApp

What’s wrong with calling something a plan??

We wondered whether we’d be able to meet in the pavilion from 21st June – I’m not sure that we will. The room isn’t big and we’d have trouble keeping an appropriate distance apart if more than half a dozen of us were in there together for any length of time. Maybe, if we have a long hot summer we’ll be able to sit outside for our meetings. That would work 🙂

For now, we’re still knitting various items of clothing. Agnes is making ‘just a cardigan’, Sheila is having to redo a bunny blankie having gone ‘off-piste’ with the pattern, Linda has started socks, Maggie has another hat on the go and Perveen has made a beautiful cowl with the help of a Youtube video.

Perveen’s cowl

Perveen had an excellent quiz result too – 12 out of 15! Sheila was in second place and joint third went to Maggie and Agnes. I fell fat on my face this week with a very poor 7 out of 15 – serves me right for crowing last week! What’s that saying about pride and a fall?

One thought on “Virtual Friday 49

  1. I find it quite interesting that Johnson doesn’t seem so full of bluster any more.  He almost looks subdued at the press conferences…. Hard luck on the quiz questions!   Talk soon BW Catherine


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