Virtual Friday 48

It’s the19th of Feb today and all is pretty much the same as it was last week, and the week before, and the week before that, and the ……..

We’re all waiting with bated breath for Boris’s big announcement on Monday regarding lockdown easements etc.

On the knitting front we’re carrying on with cardis, jumpers, hats and scarves. Sheila is knitting a Christmas stocking which is a bit early (or maybe a lot late?). Linda told us she isn’t knitting anything at the moment and was advised to seek immediate medical help. Perveen had a disaster with her new interchangeable circulars. pulled the end off and couldn’t retrieve any of the knitting she’d done. Linda and I know exactly how she felt as it’s happened to us too. One way of avoiding this is just to keep checking the join is secure. Another way is to use a lifeline – see hints & tips for what this is.

Er, excuse me? What’s with the trumpet?

Allow me to blow my own!! Yes! I was quiz champion today! Hurray!! Whooppee!! Yay!! Yes, I’m quite chuffed with myself 🙂 There were three in joint second place: Maggie, Catherine and Linda.

One of the quiz questions was: Who created the character Violet Elizabeth Bott? Was it: A AA Milne B Enid Blyton C Robert Louis Stevenson D Richmal Crompton. The answer is D Richmal Crompton. Violet appeared in the Just William books and her catchphrase was: I’ll thcweam and thcweam ’til I’m thick. Quite coincidentally, we chatted earlier about names and the name Violet was mentioned – it was May’s mum’s name.

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