Virtual Friday 46

Ten of us met today, some vaccinated, some waiting to be invited. Vaccinations are progressing really well with the North West at or near the top of the league. The UK total is 10 million so far – not bad!

Our group embraces all things sheepy so I had to draw attention to a film out today about two farming brothers and sheep. The title tells you what to expect: Rams 🙂 It’s an Australian comedy-drama starring Sam Neill and a lot of sheep.

I failed the audition 😦

On the knitting front, May told us that Lola was absolutely over the moon with the jumper she’d knitted for her, so she’s already started to make another one. It’s such a pleasure to knit for someone who is so appreciative.

Lockdown means that it’s hard to buy knitting supplies but Knit 2 Tog in Reddish is open for click and collect and ordering at the door three days a week (restricted times).

We had another quiz and I did spectacularly well, even if I say so myself. I was pleased as punch, jumped for joy, and this time remembered to ask who else did well. Linda was hot on my heels, followed by Maggie P.

An interesting question was: Which Swedish name is given to an official appointed to investigate possible maladministration? Is it A Ombudsman B Arrambudsman C Iranbudsman D Ummathunksman?

The answer is: A Ombudsman. But who knew the word is Swedish? Wikipedia’s entry about ombudsmen includes a long list of countries and their ombudsman or equivalent.

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