Virtual Friday 47

“Xin nian hao” and “Gung hei fat choi” to everyone!

While we excelled on one front today, we failed pretty miserably on another……..

We’re busy knitting and crocheting. Maggie making hats, Perveen giving her recent gift of circular needles a trial run, Sheila making a bunny blankie, May a jumper, Liz returning to a spring coloured crocheted blanket (that’s being optimistic seeing as it’s been freezing recently!), Agnes learning to crochet and I’ve finished a cowl and a cardigan but haven’t started anything new yet. Here’s the cardigan:

After chatting about a hundred and one things we had a quiz and here’s where things took a downward turn. The questions didn’t suit us at all! Champion quizzer with a score of only 7 out of 15 was Catherine. Four of us managed to get 6 and that’s all I’m prepared to say publicly 🙂

On the Covid front, more of us have had the vaccine. We’re still in a national lockdown situation so can’t meet as a group. I’m putting my money on a June return to meeting in the park pavilion.

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