Month: June 2020

How knitting became the new normal between shows on the BBC

How knitting became the new normal between shows on the BBC

I loved seeing these fab women and their colourful chunky yarns on the BBC. Really cheered me up 🙂

We were very excited when the BBC introduced their new social distancing “idents” for BBC1 – that’s the little videos that pop up before programmes – a group of knitters started appearing regularly on our screens.

We decided to find out more about the knitters involved. We asked Sicgmone Kludje and Vea Koranteng from Black Girl Knit Club to tell us more.

How did you end up in the BBC ident?

The BBC researchers and producers got in contact with us after seeing our online presence such as our social media accounts and website. At the time we were sharing content on how we were staying creative to induce wellness during the lockdown as well as organise online zoom sessions for our attendees. They then updated us about the Oneness ident project and its focus on showing people getting creative during UK lockdown and we were excited to get involved.

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Virtual Friday 11

29th May....... and we're still zooming.... There were 14 of us on Friday, which is excellent. We're a small group but have large hearts. A lot of charity knitting has been going on: 14 teddies! We spent quite a long time just chatting and showing various bits and pieces of knitting then we had 'Corona … Continue reading Virtual Friday 11