Virtual Friday 44

It serves me right for boasting about our numbers hitting double figures last week because today there were just six of us. They say that good things come in small packages and that the size of something does not always indicate its true value – I’ll park that thought here and leave it with you…….

So, what did the 22nd of January bring? If we’d been meeting in the park I would have understood that setting foot outdoors after days of unrelenting rain, some snow and dire flood warnings might be off-putting, but fortunately zooming indoors isn’t so risky. We had a bit of a medical theme to the chat today, covering a variety of scans and afflictions of the hand which, for knitters, is something very serious indeed. Hand problems generally improve after a period of rest but try telling that to someone who has just half a sleeve to knit before completing a jumper.

The quiz today was a selection of questions from the UK Citizenship test. A recent i newspaper article drew attention to a study carried out by Essex University in which more than 270 people, most of them UK citizens, were given the test and only managed to score an average of 15.6 questions correctly. You need to score at least 18 out of 24 to pass – something that only a third of the group was able to do.

25 questions were printed in the paper so these were our quiz for today. Liz was the champion citizen today 🙂 Have a go and see how well you would do. Answers are upside down bottom right. No cheating!!

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