Virtual Friday 43

Despite being in lockdown and not going anywhere I still find that time is in short supply and almost forgot to write about the meeting we had on the 15th of Jan. Our numbers were in double figures! Well, only just – 10 of us turned up 🙂

On the knitting and crochet front, jumpers and blankets are being made for grandchildren, shawls and fingerless gloves for ourselves, and Margaret is making a sausage dog though I’m not sure who that is for.

Agnes has written a great article about goings on in Heaton Norris Park in The Heatons Post, a free monthly community paper serving the Heatons and Reddish. She’ll be writing more in the next few issues.

Our quiz champion this week was Agnes (yes, she has many talents) with Perveen and Krysia M hot on her heels.

From the Manchester Evening News

I thought there was an error in this week’s quiz. In question 10 about the last British writer to win the Nobel prize for literature the answer given in the quiz is D Harold Pinter. But, and I checked this afterwards, Kazuo Ishiguro won the literature prize in 2017 and seeing as the quiz was printed in the MEN newspaper in 2020 I think he should have been included. Ishiguro is a Japanese-born British writer; he was born in Nagasaki and moved to England in 1960 when he was 5 years old.

Another talking (or should I say giggling) point in the quiz was raised by question 7. I usually read the questions out as well as having them on screen share and when I came upon this one I have to admit to lowering the tone and introducing school-age smut into the proceedings. Well, would you know know how to say ‘Tity’? Is it ‘i’ as in ‘tight’ or ‘i’ as in, yes, ‘titty’. If linguistics is of interest to you then I suggest you look in the Oxford English Dictionary for further information. If you’re a Stockport library member, you can access the online OED for free using your library membership number.

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