Knitting hints and tips


I found these on :

FO       finished object      yay!

OTN    on the needles

PHD    project half done

WIP     work in progress

UFO     unfinished object

URO/UO     unrecognised object   (was that a hat I started, or a scarf?)

SSS     second sock syndrome (second sock takes much longer to knit than the first)

TAAT     two at a time – a solution to SSS, also good for sleeves

DPN     double pointed needles

LYS     local yarn store

CAL/KAL    crochet along / knit along

TINK     ‘knit’ backwards – correcting errors

The schachenmayr site also has hundreds of free patterns that you can download without having to sign up or register, although you can do so if you want. It’s heartening to see a business giving something not just for free but also without requiring your data in return.

Buttonholes for a girl or a boy?

If you’re knitting a cardigan and don’t know if it’s for a girl or a boy, make buttonholes on both fronts and then when you know which it should be, sew the button on and close the buttonhole at the same time. This also means you’re more likely to place/space the buttons correctly as long as your buttonholes were in the right place to start off with.

Useful websites is the home of three UK knitting magazines: The Knitter, Simply Knitting and Knit Today. There are free and paid for patterns, tutorials, reviews and loads of other stuff. is a wonderful site for knitters and crocheters with loads of patterns, yarn info and projects you can look at. Read about it here.

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