Author: Mrs K

Which animals are best suited to surviving in snow?

Felted ones! Liz made this jolly group - they'll be able to withstand the harshest of wintry conditions. Even if they spend time buried in a snowdrift they'll soon get back into shape, none the worse for the experience. Not that anyone intends putting this theory to the test 🙂 Don't you just love those … Continue reading Which animals are best suited to surviving in snow?

Halloween wreath and a unicorn

Now here's a real treat: This is the amazing work of Margaret's daughter Judith. Judith (not the one who knitted the shawl, another one) is an honorary member of our group; she isn't able to come along on Fridays but hears all about us from her mum who proudly brings Judith's wonderful creations in to … Continue reading Halloween wreath and a unicorn

Don’t bother counting sheep

A snippet from Thursday's Manchester Evening News: If you suffer from insomnia and try counting sheep as a remedy - don't do it any more! According to researchers at Sydney University, your insomnia could be cured just by wearing woollen clothing in bed. The researchers claim that the wool helps keep the body in the … Continue reading Don’t bother counting sheep