Virtual Friday 52

It’s the 19th of March 2021 and 52 weeks since we suspended our face to face knitting group meetings. Little did we know then how long the suspension would be. And it’s not over yet!

I started the Virtual Friday count on the 20th of March 2020 – the week after our last meeting in the park pavilion. But maybe I should have started with the first Zoom meeting – too late to change this now! We can count ourselves amongst early zoomers though, having our first full Zoom meeting already on the 4th of April.

There were eleven of us today and one visitor – Gwen. When we met in the pavilion, we had the occasional young visitor who was off school (or a pre-schooler) and it was lovely to have this happen again, albeit virtually. Gwen was with Liz, isolating at home because of a Covid case at her school. We were treated to a display of some of her gorgeous dolls before they left to see to their baking. Reminds me of how much we miss Christine and her cakes!

We chatted for so long today that there wasn’t any time for quizzing. Knitters are knitting bunnies, a tea cosy, hats, a cowl, a blanket, cardigans and jumpers. Crocheters are crocheting a blanket. Hopefully we’ll be able to show some finished items here soon. In the meantime, here’s a work in progress:

In an earlier post I wondered how long it would take for the verb ‘zoom’ to be included in the Oxford English Dictionary. I checked this today and it is already in! It’s a new entry, OED Third Edition, July 2020, and the entry (abridged) reads:

Pronunciation:Brit./zuːm/, U.S./zum/ Forms:  also with lower-case initial. Origin: From a proper name. Etymon: proper name Zoom. Etymology: Zoom, a proprietary name for a video-chat application.

intransitive and transitive. To communicate with (a person or group of people) over the internet, typically by video-chatting, using the Zoom application.

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