Virtual Fridays – 58 to 61

You can see I’m getting lazy and combining weeks again. I can’t offer any excuses I’m afraid. Someone will no doubt come up with a name for this but, for now, I’ll call it Covid Inertia or maybe Pandemic Apathy. I was going to do three weeks’ worth in one post and then realised that I could cover all of our May meetings in one post if I waited a coupe of days longer. So, this is it:- May meetings in one fell swoop.

Our numbers the last four weeks have been steady but lower than at the start of our marathon Zoom sessions. People have dropped out for various reasons but the reality is that we are all getting fed up (and a bit bored) of virtual life and want to meet in person.

The latest step in the Government’s Great Roadmap to Recovery was introduced on the 17th of May 2021.

We are now able to sit inside coffee shops instead of sitting outdoors in the rain and unseasonal cold – brave souls, those who did this! May has been dismal, wet and rather chilly but in a change to tradition, the bank holiday week-end promises to be sunny and warm. Yay!

There is still no information about using the park pavilion. I suspect we won’t be able to until all restrictions are lifted which everyone is hoping will happen on 21st of June.

In the meantime, we will carry on Zooming unless something more interesting or important crops up.

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