Virtual Friday 54

It was Easter last weekend so we skipped a week and didn’t meet, not even virtually. We are beginning to meet up again though, in small numbers, in parks, when the weather allows. The end of March lulled us into a false sense of summer with several warm sunny days, perfect for a relaxing meet-up outdoors with a few friends. But then on Easter Monday things changed dramatically, the temperature plummeted, and we even had some snow.

So, on the 9th of April we had our 54th zoom meeting, chatting about this that and the other and ending with yet another quiz. Agnes was this week’s brainbox, but with four of us hot on her heels the prime position could be anyone’s next week.

Ravelry is a wonderful resource. Linda alerted us to Ambah O’Brien’s easy knitted bangle pattern she found on there. Projects like this are great for using up those odd bits of yarn that lurk in the bottom of project bags long after the project has been completed.

I don’t wear bangles any more as they are uncomfortable and get in the way when using a keyboard. Something soft and knitted might be a better option.

In the 1970’s we used to wear loads of thin bangles – together, on the same wrist. The problem then wasn’t using a keyboard but the noise and weight – you jangled every time you moved and ended up with one arm longer than the other 🙂

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