Virtual Friday 57

We seem to be keeping pace with Covid infection rates – our attendances are on a downward trajectory 😦 I’m not sure why that is. Maybe a bit of Zoom fatigue? That would be understandable as it can get tedious and we have been doing it for a looooong time. There’s still no information on when we might be able to return to the park pavilion. Let’s hope it’s soon.

On the needles/hooks this week: a jumper, a teddy bear, a blanket and balls. I finally finished the Cornish Pixie (from Harry Potter) that I’ve laboured over for the last few weeks:

The pattern is from Tanis Gray’s Harry Potter Knitting Magic, the official HP knitting pattern book. The designer of the pixie is Susan Claudino.

The book is full of patterns – toys, accessories, clothes etc – 28 projects in total. Several designers have contributed as it would have been a mammoth task for one person to come up with all these fantastic designs. It is based on the films and in addition to the patterns there are many snippets of information about behind the scenes stuff. There’s a really interesting interview with Tanis Gray on Youtube on The Yarn Thing Podcast.

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