Virtual Fridays 55 & 56

I don’t know the reason but our numbers in the last four weekly meetings have been 10, 9, 8 and 7!! What’s going on??

Last week Sheila showed us the gorgeous bunny comforter she’d finished.

The bunny best friend pattern is available as a download on Ravelry or from Sheepjes retailers in printed booklet form.

There are no finished items to show from this week’s meeting. In fact, we hardly talked about knitting at all! Computer gaming was the main topic of the day. Have children’s brains adapted to computer games so quickly that it’s second nature for them to display great skill? We, who were introduced to computers as adults, find games tricky. Linda and I recalled playing ping pong on our home computers. That was a super game; such great fun and so easy to master. Of course, by today’s standards, it was incredibly simple but it was the first of its kind and had a significant cultural impact.

Reminiscing is good to do and we went on to recall medicines, lotions and potions that were used when we had kids or were kids ourselves. Some are still in use but others have been discontinued. Do you remember: Karvol capsules, Vick’s, chamomile lotion, Germoline, Gibbs solid toothpaste in a tin? How about wintergreen? Some of us had to ask what that was. In a flash, Alexa was put to use and provided the answer. The funny thing about this was that more than one Alexa gave the answer – Alexa can obviously hear what’s being said on Zoom 🙂 I think I might add Alexa to our list of members in future.

We didn’t have a quiz last week but did today. Winners were Perveen and Liz with Sheila and me in joint second place.

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    1. Yes, the weather will have had an effect. We also had a further easement of restrictions on 12th April with non-essential shops reopening and pubs and restaurants reopening outdoors.

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