Virtual June

To be honest, I’ve become lazy and have decided that as we don’t do much when we have our meetings, I may as well just do a monthly ‘report’. This has the advantage of there being just the one post to read but also I’ll probably forget a few things so the post won’t be very long.

21st of June was going to be a momentous day with the final easing of restrictions happening but sadly ’twas not to be. Instead, we were told that this is unlikely to happen before 19th of July and maybe not even then. So we plod on trying not to become despondent but it is hard. Goodness only knows what people feel like living through years of conflict and other disasters. In the grand scheme of things we’re not badly off, so we just need to buck up, cheer up and carry on.

On a positive note, we’re in print! Yay! The Stockport 2020 exhibition was launched on 10th June and is now open on the One Stockport website here. I wrote about our contribution to this project in an earlier post.

Ever since the first lockdown, we’ve met virtually every week without fail (except for Christmas). Until now, that is. I had to cancel our meeting on the 18th due to a conflict of interests. There was another meeting at the same time, in the park, about fencing around the bowling green which the bowlers have asked the council to install. This issue is raised regularly every few years and the same reasons for and against are given. The meeting was attended by reps from the council, the men’s and ladies’ bowlers, and the friends of the park. It was resolved that the situation regarding damage to the green and anti-social behaviour towards the bowlers would be monitored by the bowlers in order to have a record of such incidents.

This is a photo of the bowling green from a few years ago:

This is what it looks like now:

At our Zoom meeting on the 25th of June we discussed the fencing issue (all of us absolutely against it) and also the prospect of face to face meetings being resumed. We decided that if the weather plays ball, we could start meeting outdoors in the park and leave Zoom for when it’s cold or raining. Fingers crossed for good weather in July x x x x

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    1. Yes. He’s getting very well known for it and has knitted himself a cardi with the Olympic rings on the back. as well as dinky pouches for his medals. He says that knitting keeps him calm before taking part in events. It probably helps at many other times too!


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