Virtual Friday 50

It was a lovely surprise today to be joined by Alison and Margaret for the first time since lockdown. They are two of our longest standing members having attended the first inaugural meeting nearly 10 years ago. It was really good for us to be able to see each other. Margaret brought along Hattie -a lovely rabbit which one of her daughters made for her, to cheer her up when she was feeling a bit down. Sheila’s luna lapins also put in an appearance. I don’t make toys and am full of admiration for people who have the skill (and the patience!) to create small fiddly things. Hats off to them!

Most of today’s meeting was spent virtually shopping, so to speak. Miriam, who died a few months ago, left behind a large stash of yarn. May has kindly offered to see if anyone wants any of it in exchange for a donation to a local cancer care charity. It might take a bit of organising because of restrictions, but we will manage to sort out yarn for those who want it and collect donations. Someone suggested that any yarn left over could be given to the charity’s shop – when it reopens, that is. I imagine that when that time comes charity shops will be full to bursting with donations that have been piling up during lockdown. In the absence of places to take books to, a few of us set up a book swapping group on WhatsApp just the other day. It’ll be interesting to see what books are exchanged 🙂

Today’s quiz champion was Linda, with Liz in second place and Maggie and Perveen in joint third. I disgraced myself yet again coming last 😦

Which fish’s young include alevins and smolts? Is it A Tuna B Trout C Salmon D Shark?

The answer is C Salmon. Actually, an alevin is a newly spawned salmon or trout still carrying the yolk and so the answer could be B or C. However, a smolt is a juvenile salmon which is ready to make its first migration from stream to sea, so both terms apply only to salmon. You live and learn 🙂

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