Virtual Friday 42

Our first official meeting of 2021 was on the 8th of January, although we did have a little ad hoc meeting on New Year’s Day. So, once again, here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

We barely had time to get used to tier 4 before lockdown 3 was announced. Here are the rules, applicable from Wednesday 6th Jan:

Hot off the press, or what? Courtesy of the MEN (I think). So what’s brought this on? A new variant of the coronavirus, around 70% more infectious than the previous one, has been spreading rapidly, affecting greater numbers of young people than the original strain and resulting in a strain on hospital services. It doesn’t seem to be a worse illness but many more people are catching it. Dare I say it – mixing and mingling at Christmas won’t have helped.

We were glad to get together for a chat after what seemed like a long absence. We’ve been busy knitting jumpers, scarves, comforters, blankets and more. I’ve already made something from yarn I received at Christmas:

Elsie Pea’s baby blanket

Our conversations are always wide ranging, covering a variety of topics, and this meeting was no different. We discussed Mr T across the pond, the frog that has recently been installed in Agnes’s park (Heaton Norris Park) and the many green spaces in the area in which we are able to take our permitted daily exercise.

Our park, Heaton Moor Park, has finally had the toddler play area refurbishment completed and is extremely popular with young families. The overgrown shrubs and trees around the pavilion have been severely cut back making the building more visible to passers by. Hopefully, this will deter vandalism. I’ve been told that the inside of the pavilion has been cleaned – all we’re waiting for now is to be able to resume our meetings. I think that we’ll be in there by June. What do you think?

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