Virtual Friday 22

Unusually, we talked a lot about knitting on the 14th of August. This shouldn’t be unusual seeing as we’re a knitting group, but to be honest we tend to talk about anything and everything, and knitting is included almost as an afterthought.

Judith is finishing her fifth baby cardi. Jayne showed us two lovely baby blankets she’s made – one knitted and the other crocheted. Krysia M is knitting a top for her daughter, adapting a pattern to make it like something she saw on the internet that costs £180!!!!! She’s just finished a baby hat for her grand-daughter in a variegated yarn and will be making mitts to match. I’ve finished a lovely baby blanket for a baby due quite soon. I used a pattern that Linda designed which is available on Ravelry.

There’s a white border at the top and bottom. It’s a great pattern and very easy to do.

We discussed the various methods of dealing with loose ends when changing colours/ adding a new ball of yarn. It seems that everyone has their favourite: sewing in at the end, using a crochet hook at the end, knitting in as you go. Linda’s pattern notes include a link to a YouTube video by ‘So, I Make Stuff’ which shows how to weave ends in as you knit. I didn’t use this method this time but will have to give it a go as sewing in lots of ends can be very tedious.

We finished off our Zoom meeting with a quiz from a Saga magazine. My favourite question was: The plant genus Forsythia is named after a direct ancestor of Bruce Forsyth. Is that true of False?

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