Virtual Friday 21

It’s the 7th of August and we’re sweltering in a mini heatwave. We had one very briefly last week, lasting just a day, caused, in the words of the Met Office, by ‘a brief hot southerly incursion’. The hottest temperature recorded was 37.8°C on the 31st of July at Heathrow Airport. We weren’t anywhere near as hot up here in the north west and it was hard to understand what all the fuss was about, but if it happens in the south east it’s of national importance 🙂

Today it’s 26°C here and hot, and sticky. Not good for knitting.

We had a good crowd on Zoom and our conversation started in toilets, went on to shopping, then to laundry, diverted to several other topics and eventually stopped at gardening ……. We discussed toilet matters at length actually – a very important subject, particularly if said facilities are lacking. We are lucky in that although many public toilets might be closed at the moment, they will reopen eventually. We also have the luxury of at least one indoor toilet in our homes. There are many people in other parts of the world who have no indoor loo and have to go far away from their home to relieve themselves. At night, such trips for women and young girls can be fraught with danger. Toilet Twinning is a charity that supplies toilets to communities that need them. If you’re short of ideas for a birthday present for someone, buy a toilet in their name.

On a knitting theme, here’s the lovey lap blanket that Sheila finished last week. It matches the decor in her lounge beautifully.

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