Virtual Friday 23

21st of August brought us together again on Zoom. The weather varied – wind, rain and sunshine in equal measures so it was good to meet without venturing outdoors.

Judith has made some more baby things and is now making something for herself.

Judith’s baby cardigan
Judith’s baby blanket

Liz has made some lovely lavender wands. May has knitted a cardigan for Lola and I’ve finished a cardigan for myself.

My Sunday Cardigan

May and I had the same idea – use press studs (poppers) for the fastening and put buttons on as a decoration except that she’s done this on hers already whereas I’m still thinking about it.

May isn’t knitting anything at the moment, not that she’s idle. She’s making a beaded star using hundreds of teeny tiny gold beads. Glutton for punishment! We’ve seen quite a few of her beaded masterpieces and they are amazing.

Some of us have been out and about since last week, mainly to garden centres which seem to have things organised very well. Both Daisy Nook and Notcutts have cafes open. May told us about an independent garden centre at the back of Notcutts in Ashton – Mockridge Nursery on Rayner Lane, OL7 0AB Ashton-under-Lyne, which is worth a visit.

Liz told us about a yarn shop, Wool Shop Direct, 36 Marple Road, sk13 5da Charlesworth, which she drove past the other day. We all thought this must be a new shop until May said she’d been there on the day it opened around 3 years ago. Quite a few yarn shops, Skeins in Glossop, Sew-In in Didsbury to mention a couple, have closed so it’s good to know of this one. Internet purchases are all well and good but I for one prefer to see yarn and give it a squish before buying.

Sheila is planning an outing to one of our favourite wool shops – Black Sheep Wools near Warrington. When Liz went there a few weeks ago their cafe was closed because of restrictions etc. Somehow, going all that way and not to be able to have a coffee or lunch doesn’t seem right, does it? So, if the Black Sheep cafe isn’t open, there’s a Bents garden centre nearby to try.

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