Virtual Friday 20

A big disappointment today, 31st July: restrictions have been tightened in Greater Manchester (all 10 boroughs), East Lancashire and West Yorkshire. This was announced yesterday evening after 9pm and came into effect barely 3 hours later, at midnight.

We can’t meet with even just one member of another household either in our homes or in our gardens 😦 Sod’s law that it was a beautiful sunny day today. It doesn’t mean we can’t go out; we can meet up in a park, but must observe social distancing etc.

Well, at least we can still Zoom….. And we did! The main topic of conversation, as usual, was the pandemic and restrictions……….

We also chatted about Stockport’s museums and archives department’s project to gather a record of what residents did in 2020. They’re calling it Stockport 2020 – and why not? Call a spade a spade that’s what I say. And before anyone starts – the phrase has its roots in Ancient Greece and refers to gardening implements.

Gathering such a record needs to be done as soon as possible because it’s easy to forget what you did and how you felt. Hopefully, we’ll get a few things together for the record and an eventual exhibition. The posts in this blog are a good record. I went through them yesterday and was quite surprised at how much we have done as a group and individually. Just think, way back in February I determined that I would try to write at least one post a month and now I write once a week.

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