Virtual Friday 19

24th of July today and it’s the feast of St Christina, a 12th Century saint. She lived in an oven and a tree.

Just thought I’d put that out there!

We had an uneventful meeting today. Nothing much happened, not many of us present…… Sheila has finished her lovely lap blanket and is now knitting a tea cosy. Judith has finished yet another baby blanket and is well on the way to knitting several more cardis – just in time as the birth of the recipient is imminent. Liz joined us from her garden and showed us some of her plants. I was in my loft where the broadband connection was more stable although I panicked at 20 to 11 because I had lost it! Strangely, there was wi-fi elsewhere in the house so I rebooted my laptop and voilà! connectivity was re-established!

Amazing what turning appliances on and off can achieve, isn’t it? Now I just need to see if that will work on my central heating boiler…..

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