Virtual Friday 11

29th May……. and we’re still zooming….

There were 14 of us on Friday, which is excellent. We’re a small group but have large hearts. A lot of charity knitting has been going on: 14 teddies!

We spent quite a long time just chatting and showing various bits and pieces of knitting then we had ‘Corona Island Crafts’ with me starting this off.

If you’re a Brit and listen to BBC Radio 4 you might be able to guess the format. It’s loosely based on a well known programme in which the guest is marooned on a desert island and has to choose seven pieces of music plus a book and luxury item. The presenter interviews the guest in between hearing the choices and I love it as you get to find out all sorts of interesting things about people.

We’re doing something similar but it’s craft based. Here it is:

Corona Island Crafts

You have been quarantined on a desert island for an indefinite period due to the coronavirus pandemic. You will be completely alone, so perfectly safe. The island is beautiful – lush, green, an abundance of fruit and veg to eat, some animals (to pet or eat depending upon your preference) but no dangerous ones to threaten you, plenty of shelter, running water and endless sunshine.

You can be given whatever equipment and materials you need to try out new crafts or to do some projects using existing crafting skills – money no object. Three crafts/projects max.

You can also have one 3 course meal delivered to you during your quarantine. This can be anything you like and will be supplied ready to eat so you won’t need to cook.

Finally, you will be able to take 3 books/items of reading material with you – on any subject, fiction or non-fiction and can include ‘complete works’ of an author.

Unfortunately, the island isn’t equipped with wi-fi and you won’t have any electronic devices. Not even a phone. If you need assistance there is an automatic flare device that can be activated to alert the authorities on a neighbouring island who will be able to attend within minutes.

So, for the purposes of this game:

  1. what three crafts/projects would you choose and why
  2. what would be your 3 course meal, and why
  3. what would be the 3 reading items you’d take, and why

Here’s what I came up with:

  • I’d like to try beating the Guinness World Record for the largest knitted blanket. This record was set by Kanika Kapur in Dubai on 13.9.2019 and the size of blanket was 3,952.21 sq metres. My reasoning behind this is that I’d be given an enormous amount of yarn – far more than I’d be able to use. But, if I did manage to make a huge blanket, I could use it as a sun shade, fold it up to make a comfy mattress for the night or ‘lounger’ for the day and put it to many other uses.
  • I’ve never made candles and might need something to provide light in the evenings so would like to learn how to make them.
  • Wood turning is something I’ve always fancied trying but Maggie told us that it’s back-breaking leaning over a lathe and really hard work – she did it years ago. So, I’m not sure abut this now. I thought it would be handy to be able to make my own bowls etc.
  • The three course meal had me thinking for a while. It would have to be something that I don’t make myself so I’d go for a mixed Chinese platter for the starter, then a curry for the main course and ice cream for desert.
  • The first set of reading material would be the complete works of John Le Carré. I’ve read a lot of his books and would enjoy reading them again as I probably missed a lot the first time.
  • Then, in order to be able to make stuff on the island, I’d take a book on crafts
  • The last book would be one that I’ve just bought but haven’t had time to read yet:

There was just enough time for another person’s to play this game so here are Agnes’s choices:

  • learning to spin yarn (in the craft sense and not the telling tall tales sense, ha ha)
  • doing tapestry – because she likes doing jigsaw puzzles so this would be as demanding and entertaining
  • Pottery – because she could make her own bowls and would have a kiln that could also be used as an oven
  • Her starter would be mushroom paté with salad – a firm favourite; followed by bacon, cabbage and potato – comfort food; with warm chocolate fudge cake and ice cream for desert. Agnes stipulated that the fudge cake must be warm so I’m not sure how that might be achieved but we’d do our best.
  • First book choice was the complete works of the Brontë sisters – because she would never tire of reading these. Her second choice would be The Encyclopaedia Britannica – something to learn every day and third choice would be a book of recipes.

Excellent choices Agnes – thanks.

Next week we’ll hear what another couple of people choose.

4 thoughts on “Virtual Friday 11

    1. I have several peg looms that you can borrow if you would like to give it a go. Peg looms are easier to handle than garden rakes but I also have some of these if you prefer. 🙂


    1. I think you are and you might even enjoy it. Have a look at youtube videos if it’s something that you’d like to try. It looks very therapeutic to me. I have to admit that I haven’t used my peg loom yet but it’s there, ready and waiting for the right moment. One day……..


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