Virtual Friday 12

I’ve been busy and feeling a bit lazy this last week and today (the 12th) still hadn’t written up our meeting of the 5th. I thought I’d do a combined post covering weeks 12 and 13 but the meeting we had this morning was quite full of info etc that the resulting post would be really, really long. So, back to the original plan of posting each week separately – at least for now.

Virtual Friday 12 was on the 5th of June and the beautiful weather we had throughout May had turned into (much needed) rain showers. We, however, remained unchanged, our sunny dispositions continuing to cast a warm glow all around……aahhhh……..

OK, that’s enough of that! We spent quite a while talking about…

……..Belle Vue Zoo, the pleasure gardens, concert/dance hall, speedway etc It’s worth reading the link for a history of the area and the man who founded it – he came from Adswood in Stockport! Many of us remembered going to the funfair and riding on the roller coaster, known as ‘The Bobs’. Apparently the ride was sold to a fairground in the USA. Anyone know which one?

Carrying on with the Corona Island Crafts game, we heard Jayne’s choices:

  • First craft would be a large sampler quilt which should while away many hours. Jayne only started sewing recently and made one quilt while attending a course run by Bamber Sewing Machines in Eccles but hasn’t made another since so this will be an opportunity to do another.
  • Second craft choice is basket weaving; quite practical as it would be handy to collect fruit etc in, when foraging.
  • Third craft is rope making. Again a practical choice as ropes would be very useful on the island e.g. to make a comfy hammock.
  • Jayne’s meal choices were chosen to remind her of her family and friends. The starter would be prawn cocktail as a reminder of her husband, the main course of cheese and onion pie would remind her of her mum and the dessert would be jelly and yogurt which Jayne is famous for and is enjoyed by everyone she knows.
  • To help with her quilting project Jayne chose the Essential Guide to Sample Quilts. The second choice is a must for someone who loves numbers – a giant 1000 puzzle book of Sudoku. And the third book is a study Bible because there would be enough time on the island to complete it – Jayne is someone who doesn’t like to start anything unless she knows she can finish it so this book has been waiting for the right moment.

Maggie’s 3 course meal would serve as a reminder of wonderful holidays spent in Kerala:

  • Pakoras (vegetable fritters) to start with. Then for the main course: seer fish moilee – a delicious fish in delicately spiced coconut milk sauce, and a mixed vegetable thoran. And for dessert: mango, pineapple and guava.
  • For a crafting activity Maggie declared she would like to make her surroundings beautiful in the style of Andy Goldsworthy, a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist known for site-specific installations involving natural materials. He lives and works in Scotland but was born in Cheshire so there’s a connection to our part of the world 🙂
  • Another crafting activity would be making (and then learning to play!) musical instruments from locally sourced materials e.g. a drum using wood
  • Books would be: one to help with the musical instrument making and playing, one of Andy Goldsworthy’s books (or a collection), and a large book of short stories by the Irish novelist William Trevor .

Catherine decided that a stay on the island would be an opportunity to learn something new and, like Agnes, chose to do pottery and envisaged creating beautiful bowls on a wheel. Her second choice was origami, the Japanese art of paper folding and the third, also Japanese, would be forest bathing. While forest bathing might not be strictly a craft, immersing herself in greenery and contemplating nature’s beauty would soothe the spirit and aid a bit of mindful meditation.

For her meal, Catherine chose some favourites:

  • Because she loves chickpeas, a starter of crisp falafel in pitta with loads of salad would be a real treat. This would be followed by a favourite from student days – bean stew, and for desert an enormous bowl of fruit – enough to last for days.

Catherine’s book choices were very interesting:

  • First would be a copy of the Prose Edda written in Icelandic in the 13th Century about Norse gods and mythology
  • Second would be a translated copy of the Pentamerone, a seventeenth century collection of fairy tales, compiled by Italian poet and courtier Gianbattista Basile. Some of them, including Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel and Sleeping Beauty were later adapted by the Brothers Grimm.
  • Third would be another translation – Guiseppe Pitrè’s compilation of Sicilian fairy tales and stories.

If you’ve read all the way down to this point you’ll see why I thought it best not to combine this meeting with another one 🙂 Far too long a read! Thanks for reading down to here though and I hope that some of the links have been of interest. Please do join in with a comment if you’d like to.

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