Virtual Friday 15

Another week, another Zoom…….

Quite a few of us again on the 26th of June. Luckily no-one seems to be finding meeting like this boring – or if they do, they’re not saying 🙂

Linda’s knitted another stunning shawl. She’s so clever! I might try breaking into her house one of these days to steal a couple. I’m not greedy – a couple will do 🙂

Agnes was quiz-master this week and did a brilliant job with questions on a pet and dog theme.

I’m reading This Golden Fleece by Esther Rutter and it’s a gem of a book.

Great review here in The Guardian. If I do any more quizzes on knitting I won’t bother with the internet any more, there’s enough information in Esther’s book to compile a quiz of gargantuan proportions.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Friday 15

    1. Thanks Catherine. A gem indeed! Hard to believe that this was made in all seriousness and, disturbingly, not that long ago. You manage to find some very interesting things.


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