Virtual Friday – 6

After last week’s disappointing Zoom session, I was keeping my fingers crossed that this week would be better. And indeed it was, thank goodness. I had visions of running around the house from one room to another trying to find the best reception. For VF-5, I ended up sitting on the stairs. If I get desperate I could always try sitting under the stairs but let’s hope that won’t be necessary.

After a short practice session muting and un-muting ourselves, we launched into the meeting with a few projects to show off. Perveen showed us a fabulous octopus she’s been hankering after knitting ever since she joined our group. Sheila showed us some face masks she’s made – no, not knitted ones! I reckon we’ll all be making these soon. Jayne has also made some masks that attach to buttons on a head band – very ingenious.  Linda has been adding to her knitted coronavirus collection. She’s probably got a drawer-full by now.

If we all knit some viruses we could hang them on our front doors – a bit like the crosses on doors during plagues in the past. Or, a collection of them could be suspended from a tree like wind chimes. Or, maybe we could have a go juggling with them? Liz would be good at that! Miniature versions would make interesting ear-rings……. There’s a world of possibilities out there for us to explore….

The main activity of the Zoom session was another quiz. It appears that everyone is quizzing these days. We are keeping to a craft related theme until we run out of questions.

If you want to see the quiz or use it yourself, here it is:


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