If you go down to the woods today…….

you’d better make sure that you keep the required distance and whatever you do, don’t take a picnic or you might get arrested! My sister sat down briefly on a bench in Richmond the other day and was asked to move by a policeman. He than sat down himself! (Only joking – about him sitting down, being asked to move on is true).

A much safer alternative you can enjoy in the privacy of your own home is to go to the woods virtually by logging on to a bear cam in Transylvania which Catherine told me about recently. I love watching the bears and other wildlife and even if there are no bears to see, the forest sounds are very soothing. The best time to see the bears is early morning or around 6pm Transylvanian time.

Residents of the Heatons have been displaying teddies and rainbows in their windows and are not alone in doing this. Stuffed toys are being placed in windows all over the globe to give children a fun and safe game to play whilst walking around their neighbourhoods with parents.

Linda has joined in and her teddy is wearing a mask she knitted. Her daughter says he looks like a hostage with mouth taped shut. It’s hard to disagree with her. What no-one can see are the ankle cuffs and chain!

Help me!

My teddy, the better of the two (but that’s just my opinion), spends his time sitting in an upstairs window looking out onto the world as it passes by. He doesn’t need a mask as he’s self-isolating and staying indoors.

I’m just so cool, yeah……

I tried to get a photo of him from outside the house but don’t have a long enough ladder so in the house on the stairs had to do.

The heart is felted and was part of knitted bunting that I made a couple of years ago. I knitted a rectangle in rainbow colours, felted it and then cut out hearts so that the stripes were at different angles.

Now, this isn’t a competition but if readers were to cast votes for the better teddy I reckon I’d win. Ha! Deal with that Linda!!

4 thoughts on “If you go down to the woods today…….

  1. I have often wondered why we love toys bears so much. Both my children adored them. The teddy bear is generally thought to have been originally named by Theodore Roosevelt, US President 1901-1909. Roosevelt was a passionate killer of animals, and there is an interesting story that, while working on a border dispute between Mississippi and Louisiana, he went off to hunt and shoot bears. The Library of Congress has an interesting political cartoon about this: http://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/2008678324/ It is a very bitter irony that Roosevelt considered himself a “conservationist”.


  2. My bear says he can take your bear any time but he just doesn’t want to (at least I think that’s what he said, it was hard to hear as he was hiding behind the sofa at the time).


  3. My bear says Me? – I’m all heart but you are heartless. Or, should that be spineless? He he he.
    I think that’s what he said – hard for me to hear him as he’s so high up on his pedestal.


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