Virtual Friday – 5

It’s very likely that after restrictions end there will be many groups that just don’t get back together again. Not so ours though! I might even consider adding a virtual meeting to the physical park meeting. With better internet access in the park we could combine the two 🙂

Mind you, in the light of today’s experience, that might not be such a good idea. My internet connection was faulty so I had screen freezes and silences to contend with which, when you’re the host of the meeting, is not particularly helpful. Add into the mix my mistake of missing out one of the numbers in the meeting ID when I sent the email out the other day and we could have had an absolute disaster. But, luckily our smart ladies realised what had happened and we managed to get together for a chat and some more quiz questions.

Sheila has finished the blanket she was knitting last week and has started on a cardigan. Perveen has made great progress (she only started to knit a few weeks ago) and has made a cuddly bunny. Agnes has knitted about 10 squares and is near completion of her third blanket. Liz is in the middle of a CAL, which will be a cushion, using a lovely colour combination.

I finished the last of my lustful impulse-buy Adriafil yarn and made some baby booties to match the hat I made last week.

The pattern is very quick and easy. I don’t like small fiddly knits. If you want to have a go, it’s on Ravelry here. I amended the pattern a bit but then that’s what we knitters do, don’t we?

So, today’s news is that everyone is still knitting away like crazy and most are nowhere near running out of yarn such is the size of their stash.

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