Virtual Friday – 4

We had another well attended Zoom meeting today during which we exercised our grey matter with a short quiz. The rules were simple – you just needed to write your answers on paper at home – in private! There was no public naming and shaming or league position, which was just as well as I would have been near the bottom.

We also had a chance to see what everyone’s been knitting. Guess who knitted a bear with a mask? A slice of Christine’s cake for the first correct answer!

Krysia M all but finished a lovely hoodie for her grandson.

It needs some toggles but the button man in the market isn’t there and who knows when he’ll be back. That may as well be years ‘cos the hoodie is on the large size and said grandson will have plenty of time to grow into it 🙂 Better large than too small is what I say!

Agnes finished a second blanket. This one is for Eleanor who has an eye for colour.

I found some lovely Adriafil Knitcol 100% merino in my stash which I must have bought some years ago. It was too lovely to resist but because I didn’t have a project in mind (this was pure lust if I’m being honest!) I restricted myself to purchasing just three 50g balls. The first thing I knitted was a pair of fingerless mitts.

This yarn is truly lovely to knit with and really soft. I decided it would be make a great hat for a baby.

OK, one little hat doesn’t make a huge gift. However, if it was to be combined with say baby mittens or booties then that would be better. But in the meantime, the fingerless mitts I knitted could double up as baby’s leg warmers.

Only joking! Or am I?

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