Virtual Friday – 3

I can guarantee that when we come out of this pandemic our knowledge of tech will have increased massively.

On Friday at 11am, we had a fun-filled and exciting knitting group meeting on Zoom. Other meeting platforms are also available 🙂 I had tried it out the previous week as it was new to me and then issued the invites and links to our ladies and crossed my fingers that it would work out. And it did! Ten of us were online using Zoom with video, and one joined in by phone. It was just an ordinary phone call but with the speaker/hands free facility in use and it worked really well. Two of our group had tried to join the Zoom session but their devices wouldn’t let them so we hope to sort that issue out for next week.

We were so good that anyone spying on us would think that we were seasoned Zoomers!

So, what did we do? Interspersed among much waving and laughing, there was a lot of chatting and showing our latest creations. Lockdown lethargy isn’t something that we could be accused of. Certainly not! Our nimble fingers have been flying around needles, hooks and yarn with gay abandon. We’ve knitted cardigans for all ages, blankets of all sizes, and crocheted too.

I finally finished a lovely cardigan I’ve been knitting for a few weeks now:

It’s from West Yorkshire Spinners ColourLabs Kids pattern book knitted in 100% British wool.

Christine, she of the cakes, has knitted eight or nine baby cardis but can’t finish them off because she’s run out of buttons.

Margaret has been crocheting squares:

And Judith has been busy knitting a cardi and blanket for a baby expected in August:

and a sweater for herself which is waiting for a zip – may be a while!

We’ll be Zooming again next Friday all being well.

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