Resolutions for 2019

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It’s now March and I wonder how many of us have already failed miserably to keep the good intentions with which we started the new year?

In January, I suggested we write down our knitting resolutions somewhere (well, here actually) and then check half-way through the year to see how we’re doing with them. I suppose I should have been the first with a resolution not to be late with posts on this blog! But, better late than never is all I’ll say 🙂

So, the first one is from Catherine:

To tackle some more complicated and ambitious patterns

May’s is:

   To knit a tension square before I start the garment

Agnes has two:

   To knit something for myself; to knit Christmas jumper/cardigan for all the children in the family starting early on in the year

Liz also has two:

   Finish my Frida’s flowers bag; not to buy any more yarn unless I know what I want to make with it (i.e. it is for a specific project)

Maggie’s resolution is:

To knit more hats for Wellspring – maybe mitts too!

One of our ladies who does not want to reveal her identity, for reasons that will immediately become apparent, wants:

To stop telling my husband that the £20 skein of yarn I bought has been in my stash for years / comes from a charity shop / only cost me a fiver

And the last one, also from a knitter with no name, is:

To knit one six inch square for each week of the year – note, not in each week so these could all be done in the last week of December! And to finally complete the cardigan that I started knitting for myself six years ago – if I can find it!

I’m looking forward to June/July when I’ll be checking how everyone’s getting on.



2 thoughts on “Resolutions for 2019

  1. Ha ha, good idea to check up on us! My bag is coming along nicely, although one panel from it I will have to duplicate as it has been bought! (Well swapped actually as I quite fancied one of her embroideries)
    The lady is going to frame it up as artwork for her wall.
    Not bought any new yarn but may have tempted by a few balls of chunky in a charity shop. Does that count?


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