Which animals are best suited to surviving in snow?

Felted ones!


Liz made this jolly group – they’ll be able to withstand the harshest of wintry conditions. Even if they spend time buried in a snowdrift they’ll soon get back into shape, none the worse for the experience. Not that anyone intends putting this theory to the test 🙂

Don’t you just love those mouse ears?

After yesterday’s snow, some sections of the park’s paths are still very icy while others have no snow or ice at all. It might be tricky getting to knitting group tomorrow. This was the Peel Moat Road entrance this afternoon:


And this was the gate at Buckingham Road:


I think Buckingham Road gate is the better bet to get to the pavilion in the corner! Of course, by tomorrow everything may have gone back to normal and our little snowy interlude will be just a memory.

PS  A smidgeon of snow fell overnight so knitting was cancelled. We don’t want anyone to injure themselves and you can still slip very easily on a smidgeon particularly if there’s ice hiding underneath.


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