The four Margarets

Do you remember the four Marys in Bunty? They were four boarding school friends who appeared in a girls’comic for around 40 years. You’d have thought that someone would have noticed them still at school after all that time but perhaps no-one bothered as long as the fees continued to be paid.

Well, we have our own merry quartet of M’s but in our case they’re Margarets, not Marys. And yes, they too sometimes appear to be stuck in a time warp behaving like stroppy teenagers. Like the Marys, our Margarets are all very different and have nicknames: Margaret who has been a member of our group since the very start is sometimes referred to as Alison’s Margaret, then there are Irish Margaret, Scottish Maggie and Cornish Maggie.

Here’s something that Scottish Maggie knitted a while back to give to a local children’s charity:

maggie p's baby cardi's 20180907_104844

If we were a business or large organisation, Maggie would be our charity liaison officer. Each month, members of our group donate food, toiletries and occasionally clothing for The Wellspring, a local homeless charity. Maggie takes these items along to them for us. She is also our link with the Freedom From Fistula Foundation for whom our group regularly knits squares.

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