Puzzle time

Here’s something that might be fun to do:

yellow tassel
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Make a knitting/ crochet/yarn related phrase from the letters of your name. Each word of the phrase has to start with one of the letters in your name – in the correct order. You may use any of your names – first, second, surname, shortened version e.g.Sid or a nickname.

My name is KRYSIA and my phrase is:

knitters reckon yarn substitution incites anarchy.

Easy for me I hear you cry; with a ‘k’ in my name all I have to do is use the word knit. But then I could also say:

keeping rubbish yarn satisfies insect appetites.

OK, I know the ‘y’ in my name gives me another advantage, but what can I do?

Now I will throw down a woollen gauntlet and challenge you to come up with something for your name……….


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