Don’t bother counting sheep

A snippet from Thursday’s Manchester Evening News:

If you suffer from insomnia and try counting sheep as a remedy – don’t do it any more! According to researchers at Sydney University, your insomnia could be cured just by wearing woollen clothing in bed. The researchers claim that the wool helps keep the body in the ‘thermal comfort zone’ most conducive to a good night’s rest.

I wonder….? might this mean that wearing woolly clothing is likely to make you fall asleep wherever you are and whatever you’re doing? Could that explain why I always used to fall asleep in Uni lectures? Or, was this more likely the result of too much partying and fun?

All I can say is just make sure you don’t wear woollies when you’re driving (or operating heavy machinery) – you don’t want to fall asleep in those circumstances!

Which reminds me a of a joke I came across recently:-

A woman was driving a car on a fairly busy road and knitting at the wheel. A policeman spotted this and followed her, flashing his lights and sounding his siren. She carried on, oblivious, so he drew alongside and gesticulated at her to slow down and move to the side. She looked at him, waved back but didn’t slow down. He then wound his window down and shouted ‘ Pull over!’ to which she replied: ‘No it’s not, it’s a scarf!’

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