It’s May in October

Oh my goodness! What a wild, wet and windy day we’ve had! I thought our numbers at the knitting group would be severely depleted but no, eleven intrepid knitters braved the elements to knit, natter and sample some of Christine’s delicious orange and wholewheat cake – most impressive!  Not much debris in the park, just a few branches lying around, but a huge tree came down on a nearby road – falling right across two gardens. Luckily, there was little damage.

May brought in a lovely wrap she recently made.



Some very interesting and intricate patterning at the front you’ll agree. It fits beautifully and will be sure to keep her warm and toasty this winter.

May is a lady of many talents. A few weeks ago she brought in some bobbin lace stuff and attempted to teach/show some of us how to do it – with varied results 🙂  Who’d have thought it was so complicated? May says it’s not so hard when you get used to doing it, but I’m not so sure.

She’s also a dab hand at hardanger embroidery and brought these beautiful Christmas tree decorations to show us:


Simply amazing!

I don’t think any of us will be rushing to give this a go though – it looks far too difficult! We’ll just stand back and admire May’s skilful accomplishments – with more than a little envy 🙂

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