Virtual Friday 30

Today’s meeting on Zoom was a bit different in that we tried to use breakout rooms and I think it worked quite well. Having some time to chat in groups of two to three is a very different experience to a whole group session. It allows the quieter members of our group to participate a bit more. Maybe we’ll give it another go next week.

On the needles this week: hats by Maggie, a chunky cushion by Sheila, a girl’s cardi by May. and other knitting projects. Agnes is keen to finish a jumper that she’s knitting for herself but doesn’t much like, so that she can start a more interesting project.

The quiz this week included a question about vaccines. Which disease is prevented by the Sabin vaccine? Is it: A Leishmaniasis B Leprosy C Malaria D Poliomyelitis

Given enough time to think, we’d have concluded that as only one of the suggested answers actually has a vaccine, poliomyelitis must be the correct answer, which indeed it is.

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