Virtual Friday 29

We had planned to do something different for today’s meeting – a bit of yarn dealing out of a car boot! But just as we agreed on this, our plan was scuppered by the re-imposition of local restrictions in Stockport. It seems that the rest of Greater Manchester was missing us and we needed to be brought back into its Covid embrace.

Ten of us zoomed today, showing our projects – those completed and those on the go. Liz has started to crochet a pocket shawl. What’s that I hear you ask? Well, it’s not a tiny shawl for her pocket, to keep said pocket warm, although the image of this is rather sweet, but a shawl for herself, with pockets at the ends, for tissues etc. However, she had to rip back what she’d done because too much chatting resulted in her making a mistake. Oops! which of us hasn’t done that more times than we’d like?

Krysia is knitting baby mittens, Agnes is knitting a cardigan, I’m knitting a scarf, Linda has finished another beautiful shawl, and Sheila has knitted a gorgeous rabbit which she’s entered into the Francis House Hospice Knit-Off Contest. This is Beatrice Bunny, the newest member of our group:

And here is Linda’s gorgeous shawl/wrap:

The pattern is ‘Karamella’ by Linnea Ornstein and it’s on Ravelry if you’re interested.

To finish off proceedings, we had another quick quiz. One interesting question this week was: From the roots of which climbing plant is the insecticide rotenone obtained? Is it: a) Honeysuckle b) Derris c) Ivy d) Clematis?

The answer is…….Derris. I’ve never heard of it but one of our ladies, a retired pharmacist, had. It’s a leguminous plant, found in Southeast Asia and the southwest Pacific Islands, the roots of which contain a strong insecticide and fish poison.

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