Virtual Friday – 9

15th of May: Another Zoom session and a very enjoyable one too. It’s quite interesting to read various comments on social media about the difficulties or otherwise of running meetings remotely. Our experience so far has been relatively painless. We get the occasional connectivity issue – for instance, one of our members wasn’t able to join today because her internet connection kept dropping. Another lady, joining by phone had issues hearing and being heard. I suggested trying one of the alternative phone numbers and that was much better. I can’t quite understand why a phone line should suffer ‘buffering’; maybe too many people using the line?? Another occasional issue is a message I receive on my laptop telling me my internet connection is unstable. Ha! It’s not the only thing that’s unstable in my house 🙂

How’s this for an image of instability:

Victoria & Albert Museum exhibit

I saw this in the V&A and it’s extremely stable, contrary to expectation. Designed by Tejo Remy in 1991, manufactured by Droog Dsigns in 1993, in the Netherlands, the work is called You Can’t Lay Down Your Memory.

So, what’s new in our group? There’s another grandchild in the offing – that’s two for us, one in September/October and the other in November. D is unwell so we all wish her a speedy recovery. M is also not so good but in good spirits and keeps up to date with what’s been going on. The new babies are doing well. It’s really difficult for new parents who aren’t able to get the support they need because of current restrictions.

We’ve all been keeping busy: knitting, sewing and hardangering 🙂

After exchanging news we had another quiz. If you want to have a go, here it is:

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