Happy 29th Feb

I think of the 29th as a bonus day. It’s for doing something that you’d think twice about on a normal day. An activity that, usually, would make you debate internally about whether you are really able to spare the time for it before deciding guiltily that there are loads of jobs that need to be done first.

I hope that you’ve used today to do something special and to give yourself a treat.

One of my treats, not restricted to a leap year thank goodness, is my weekly knitting group. We have such a laugh on Friday mornings and the skill of the ladies is astonishing.

Yesterday, May showed us an absolutely amazing project that she had made using hardanger embroidery. She’d spotted this (I suppose you could call it a light shade) on pinterest and then made up her own version, pattern and all. It’s four pieces of embroidered cloth, stiffened so that they stand together in a square, A light inside shines beautifully through the cut-out spaces.

Just fabulous, don’t you agree?

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