Where did the last few months go?

I decided, today, and yes I know it’s a bit late in the day seeing as we’re already in February, that one of my resolutions for 2020 would be to post something on here at least once a month.

With that intention I sat myself down to write something ‘interesting’ and paled at the realisation that the last post I wrote was way way back in August. Really? I can’t believe that’s true. There must have been loads of posts between then and now that somehow got deleted. Gremlins at work, again! Well, I resolve to do better from now, so here goes……

The knitting group has been busy these last few months knitting and sewing together squares. In the past, we have sent knitted squares to the Freedom from Fistula Foundation but they no longer take them. So, we had to find somewhere else. It’s quite hard for anyone to just take knitted squares; on their own they’re not much use and need to be made into something larger. Ok, if they’re a massive 5 foot square then that’s something useful that can be put on a bed, but the ones we had knitted were a more modest 6 inch size.

A really great charity that takes in all kinds of knitted items and sends them on to whoever is in need, helping people in the UK and abroad, is Knit for Peace. We have sent some things to them before so it made sense to send them our squares. But, to make things easier we set to with our needles and sewed them up into several lap blankets and scarves.

Considering some squares weren’t exactly square or the same size and the colours were random, we did quite well.

There are still quite a few squares left to be sewn together so there will be more lap blankets and scarves soon.

Lap blankets are actually very useful. Apart from keeping laps warm when snoozing in front of the telly, they can be thrown on shoulders as a shawl, rolled up and used as a draught excluder, wrapped around a hot water bottle, used as a baby blanket, folded and used as a cushion or extra pillow, etc etc. Can you think of any et ceteras?

3 thoughts on “Where did the last few months go?

  1. Pic-nics! – when the weather’s nicer than now?
    Keep one in the car in case the weathers really bad and you get stuck somewhere?


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