Someone else’s wip

If you’re a knitter, you’ll know what a wip is. Or, a ufo – know this one?

A WIP is a work in progress. It’s not just the project you’re working on currently – it’s also all those other projects that you’ve started but not yet finished; the ones you go back to every so often but then go off to do something else. These wips are projects that haven’t been shelved, they’re just taking a rest.

The UFO’s are unfinished objects – destined, for various reasons, for the discard pile, never to be  completed, always to be forgotten….

As well as wips and ufos, knitting has a whole load of other acronyms –  go to the hints and tips page to see more of them.

Well, it’s bad enough dealing with your own wips and ufo’s, but when they’re someone else’s, that’s a different ballgame altogether. This was a challenge that one of our ladies, Agnes, rose to  recently in completing this lovely aran cardigan:

Agnes's aran cardi 20180810_103733

Our knitting group has received donations of yarn and knitting accessories quite a few times over the years. We work on the principle that if the yarn is used for charity knitting then it’s free to take but if it’s for our own use then a donation is made to the Friends of the park.

Recently, Margaret brought us a few bags of assorted yarns and ufos that belong to her husband Geoff.  Geoff is an honorary member of our group because although he has never attended any of our meetings he has contributed to charities we support in a big way by knitting loads of squares. Sadly, he’s quite unwell and has had to give up knitting, so Margaret brought in some bags of odds and ends for us.

Delving into the bags was a bit like a lucky dip – lots of lovely surprises!  One of the items was a half-done aran cardigan (a phd, for us acronym likers) together with the yarn required to finish it as well as the pattern. Knowing how much work had already gone into this, Agnes decided to take it to finish for her grand-daughter. It’s lovely to think that Geoff’s hard work has not been wasted and that there’s a delighted little girl wearing a beautiful cardi.

Thanks Geoff and Margaret 🙂

Sadly, Geoff passed away in November 2018 – RIP Geoff

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