Virtual Friday 34

As of yesterday, 5th November, England is in a new lockdown. Some call it Lockdown 2, others Lockdown Lite. It’s not as severe as the first lockdown in March but more severe than Tier 3 restrictions and the whole country is affected.

Schools etc remain open which means that informal childcare arrangements can continue. Essential shops remain open and you can still buy non-essentials using click and collect, Hospitality venues are closed except for take-away and delivery services. Sport and leisure is closed but you can take outdoor exercise in your household group or if on your own with one person from a different household. Travel is for essential purposes only. Weddings only in exceptional circumstances; funerals are permitted (max of 30 attending). Religious venues closed except for funerals, private prayer and for broadcast purposes. I could go on but you’ve got the picture and probably had enough by now.

I read the Radio Times and enjoy Alison Graham’s page. Today’s was particularly good:

There were eight of us at our Zoom meeting today. We sent our best wishes to Liz who is recovering from surgery and waiting to see what further treatment might be needed. We heard about Maggie’s funeral from Catherine who attended and kindly passed our condolences on to Maggie’s family.

Christine has been in touch and says hello to everyone but is sorry to have to admit defeat regarding our virtual meetings. She’s doesn’t have the means to access Zoom and has been listening in on my phone but, as we all appreciate, that’s not that great. So, she’ll stay in touch with individuals and will rejoin the group when we eventually manage to meet in person. We can’t let her leave – who will bake cakes?

Our hands are never idle: May is knitting a jumper in a seersucker stitch; Pam is knitting something (she hasn’t decided what it will be yet!) for herself in an aran yarn that feels very fine and soft; Agnes has 3yr old twins (great nieces I think) for whom she is knitting pinafores out of a lovely self-striping yarn; Sheila is knitting a blanket on the diagonal – a welcome change from rectangular ones; I’ve found a cardigan I thought I still needed to finish but it’s done, although I don’t like the sleeves so might need to change them.

Our chat ranged from the baby loss charity SANDS, to occupations of relatives. We have an intercity train driver, a pilot and a London underground train driver in our families. Now we just need to find a bus driver and a ship’s captain and we’ll have a full set!

The SANDS charity is always in need of white blankets for the memory boxes they provide to bereaved parents. There’s more information and a pattern here.

We like to educate and inform and discussed the transfer of photos from phone to computer. But, no-one knew what USB is short for.

It’s Universal Serial Bus – who’d have thought? (Well, none of us – obviously!)

4 thoughts on “Virtual Friday 34

  1. A little news…….Rob and Rachel, Maggie’s son and daughter in law have given me several bags of yarn, needles etc, formerly belonging to Maggie, and now donated to the group. Much appreciated!


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