Stockport 2020

In July, I heard that Stockport Museums and Archives want to record the history of 2020 and want everyone’s experiences to be represented. This could be anything from health, social, and political issues to work, volunteering, leisure and play time. I dropped them an email just to say that our group has continued to meet virtually and that we have a blog recording what we get up to. I thought they’d make a note of this and that would be that.

But, that wasn’t that at all! I ended up sending out a mini-questionnaire to the ladies in our group, compiling the answers I got back, writing a short introduction, adding some knitted items that Linda made during lockdown and giving all of this to the museum. At some stage there will be an exhibition – possibly just virtual for now. We have, however, contributed to the collection of experiences and who knows, maybe in a hundred years’ time, other knitters will read about us and wonder who we were and what we were like.

So, for the record, here are the items that Linda very kindly donated to the museum:

The mini questionnaire and short intro that I sent to the museum is in the document below. The whole document is quite lengthy, just short of 5,000 words, but it’s here in its entirety, for the record, because I expect only extracts will appear in any future exhibition.

Image from Imgur

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