Virtual Friday 28

We had a good turnout on 25th September – 11 of us!

We talked about holidays and hotel stays. One of our ladies had been to Italy for a holiday and another celebrated a birthday with a stay in a beautiful boutique hotel in the north west.

Conversation inevitably touched on Covid and whether we will be facing further restrictions soon. Some people are saying that we might not be able to have family gatherings at Christmas! Not something that any of us want to contemplate. However, I have seen quite a clever solution/work–around on WhatsApp:

There wasn’t a lot of knitting talk – May has knitted a beautiful jacket for a little girl at her church. It’s from a King Cole pattern book – Baby book 6

We had a quiz. One obscure question was ‘What sort of creature is an axolotl?’ It transpires that it’s a salamander, also known as a Mexican walking fish. Confusing I know, as it’s not a fish! More about them on Wiki here. According to Wiki, axolotls were a staple in the diet of Aztecs and are able to regenerate their limbs. With a never ending source of food like that, you’d never starve.

We also compared recipes for butternut squash. And, continuing with the food theme, allow me to proudly display my tomatoes:

I was bemoaning the fact that I only had one red one in the garden and had forgotten about the two I was bringing to maturity indoors. These were a bit of an experiment. One was in a paper bag and the other one in a polythene bag. I had bananas in the bags, with the tomatoes, for a couple of weeks but couldn’t see that this was doing anything so took the bananas out a few days ago but left the tomatoes in the bags. When I looked at them today I was delighted to see that one had turned red. Can you guess which bag this one had been in?

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