Virtual Friday 16

Today’s meeting, 3rd July, was not without issues.

I was prepared and ready, having ‘practised’ some screen sharing to make sure I did it right, when my internet connection suddenly dropped, just 10 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.

OK. Run downstairs to check the router and reboot it just in case. Back upstairs to the laptop. Still no connection. Run back downstairs, Reboot router again. Check that there’s a connection on the desktop, Nope, that’s not working either. Time’s running out. What to do? I know, I’ll send an email out to warn of problems. Run back upstairs. Have to use phone not laptop. Will it work? Phone uses home wi-fi so might not. But it does work. Remembered that phone uses network internet connection if wi-fi isn’t available. Answered a couple of texts about people waiting but no meeting happening, and a phonecall about the same. Checked again – still no signal. OK. Take a breath and think. I know! How about using my phone for the meeting? Except that I’ve not used it for Zoom before. Amazing – I must have used it or it’s synched with other devices because I have Zoom on it already! Logged into my account. So far so good. Selected the meeting and yay! I can do it all from my phone. Managed to allow everyone (who had been waiting patiently) to enter and the chatting commenced, and carried on as usual. Phew! Don’t want to repeat that experience in a hurry!

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