A shower of shawls

Our ladies have been extremely busy recently and have knitted a veritable shower of shimmering shawls. Judith has completed this very lovely shrug with matching hat and wrist warmers:



While Linda, who must be in league with the elves because she churns out FO’s faster than a yak on speed, has recently completed this little lot:





Linda's shawl 2 20180921_105454


Now, so many shawls landing all at once got me thinking – not always a good thing, as my nearest and dearest would tell you. For instance, I immediately thought whether there’s some other phrase to describe a shawl. A bit like the ‘over shoulder boulder holder’ that we  used for bra when we were schoolgirls. I know, it was funny at the time, but now?

Anyway, for a shawl the best I could come up with so far (‘cos I’m still thinking about it…) is ‘warm air trapping shoulder wrapping’ – how’s that?

And then there’s the problem of finding a collective noun for a collection/group of shawls. Should it be a ‘shimmer’ because they can be light and airy? Or maybe a ‘gallery’ because they are beautiful works of art? Or a ‘comfort’ because they keep you warm and cosy?

Now it’s your turn to think – shower me with shuggestions!

One thought on “A shower of shawls

  1. I am not sure what the collective noun for shawls might be (a cashmere of shawls? a doublet? a clocca? a capote? a grogram?) but I find collective nouns fascinating. Any research on them throws up terms of “venery”, an old word for hunting/killing animals and birds, used in the late Middle Ages; an early example is the Book of St Albans,1486. This is a book on the pursuits of a “gentleman”, such as angling, hunting and heraldry; appended to it is a large list of collective nouns for animals and different professions. The concept of a specially developed hunting language was an important way of formalising hunting as a manifestation of aristocratic privilege. It was the preserve of kings and great men. An 1881 edition has been digitised at https://archive.org/details/cu31924031031184/page/n5, but it is not particularly easy to read, given the script. A more accessible list is at https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:Glossary_of_collective_nouns_by_collective_term

    A tricot of shawls? A cnyttan? A crocket? A chelicerae? A nadala?

    Knitting Friends of the park, meet every Friday, all welcome……….


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